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Meet Michelle & Patrick

Sometimes life pushes us to our limits, and that’s exactly what happened with Michelle and Patrick.

Patrick and Michelle were in denial of the lifestyle they were leaving for their children. Addictions and emotional voids weakened their relationship.

Michelle’s spirit was barely breathing. She felt that in order to break years of the same cycle, she needed to leave her marriage.

This is what it took for Michelle and Patrick to begin working through their personal issues, talking instead of running from those difficult subjects. Both of them lived separate lives, but every day Patrick wrote love letters to his wife.

Was almost after a year, Michelle proposed to Patrick, and that following summer they got married again.

Michelle and Patrick are proof that life may not be easy, but when you commit to working through those challenges, magic happens. They have managed to change the legacy not only for themselves, but for their entire family.

“Healing can and does happen. It is an ongoing process of discovering your authentic voice and then learning to communicate and operate in truth.” – michelle “For the first time in my life I completed something of real importance. I have gained a healthier me but I have also gained self-respect.” – patrick


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