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Flourish is a reflective year-round retreat infused with healing energies to welcome those seeking personal growth and new methods for complete modern-day wellbeing.

Unlike typical spas, we blend the healing powers of crystal energy with essential oils, Chakra flow treatments, massage, meditation and yoga practices, specialized fitness regimes, beautiful nature trails, and holistic nutrition. Flourish is a calming space for intentional movement, meditation, tension relief, personal reflection, self- improvement, and all-round life vitality. Its intention is to balance your body, mind, and spirit through honing energies that surround us all.


LIV Well is our mantra, our way to welcome the good in our day-to-day, and the name we give to our full life satisfaction-seeking community. Created in large part by Transformational Coach, Sean Liv, Flourish provides something for everyone who visits.


Alongside the spa’s daily offerings is our signature LIV Well program. Designed by Sean, it’s a core pillar of Flourish, and it brings together the fundamental principles from the worlds of health, spirituality, self-care and positive living, to offer a guided program tailored to your own wellbeing goals.

This intimate yet accessible sensory oasis is part of the remarkable Azuridge Estate Hotel, nestled within the serene rolling foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Both a destination and a journey, Flourish is your centered “safe space” in finding - and fully embracing - an authentic, deeper level approach to self-care.  


Discover the harmony of a balanced life. We look forward to meeting you.



Azuridge is a one-of-a-kind retreat where individuals and businesses can gather, find inspiration, connect, and celebrate. With Flourish, Azuridge is redefining its hospitality offerings, infusing wellness into all experiences to create memorable and personalized stays for guests.

Jason Glynn is the General Manager and CFO of Azuridge with a background in finance and a long career in the hospitality industry. He brings a unique mix of practicality and innovation to Azuridge.

The goal is to set new standards for luxury hotels by providing a relaxing, reflective, and rejuvenating environment. This includes offering a spa experience that complements the custom-created attitude towards hosting, incorporating self-care practices and crystal energy to create a truly unique wellness lifestyle at Azuridge.

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