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Sean Liv is the visionary program curator, coach, mentor, and teacher of Azuridge's Flourish – The LIV Well Spa. With her signature upbeat personality, energetic outlook, compassionate ear, and expertise in a multitude of health, wellness, and spiritual techniques, she uplifts and inspires people every day.


After deciding to overhaul all areas of her life and set a new path, Sean built her career as a Transformational Coach, inspiring speaker, author of The Ticket, and founder of The Ticket to Change, a transformational program for the mind, body, and spirit. She is also the host of the Liv Daily Show, an upbeat health and wellness show
airing on CTV.


Sean is passionate about helping people find the deep
motivation that makes them unstoppable in connecting with their dreams. Sean Liv encourages others to build a lifestyle that focuses on positive body, mind, and spiritual routines. Her own transformation journey gave her the tools to help people find life, inspiration, and vitality.

Sean’s question to everyone she meets is “What does it mean to you to live in flourish?”







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For years, I struggled with physical abuse, drug abuse and my weight. I was at the bottom of the barrel self-esteem. My weight reached an all time high of just over 200 pounds. I had nothing but a vision of completely changing my body and wearing a bikini. So I began my journey.

“I will take one step at a time. I will do my best every day to love myself as I am”.

This journey was a commitment that I had made for myself to myself. It was a challenge physically, mentally and emotionally. Finally, I lost 90 pounds and broke the cycle of abuse and addictions. The transformation of myself ultimately began the journey to know and heal my whole self – MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. I finally loved the person looking back in the mirror.

I discovered my inner strength and I want to help others find their motivation and passion for life through their transformation.



‘The Ticket’ is based on my own journey and those of my clients. Through ‘The Ticket’, I get to help people replace negative belief patterns with encouraging ones, using their inner power to overcome struggles and make positive life choices. The Ticket is used as a guidebook for The Ticket to Change Challenge. Real, honest health and an empowered, fearless life that starts from within.

“The power of your dream lies within you, and until you tap into your spirit to ignite these powers they will remain dormant”.

To stay true to my passion and make the transformation even more effective, I now offer ‘The Ticket to Change Challenge’, the 13-week program that I can help you through each week with an exercise program, healthy recipe and motivational videos. It is not about what’s on the scale, it’s about shifting the way you think daily.

Sean Liv in Person


I use my life story ‘Ticket to Change’ to inspire audiences who seek nourishment for their spirit, transformation of their body and enrichment of their minds. My life stories are ones of doubt, fear and pain – but also of hope, transcendence and love. What I learned from my own transformation journey to give me the tools that can help the audience to find their own life, inspiration and vitality.

Sample of my topics:

  • BODY, MIND, SPIRIT connection

  • Informative discussions about the basics of fitness and proper nutrition 

  • In-depth conversations on how to harness the power of the spirit and the mind to transform the body

  • Power of courage, power of voice and power of a life fully lived


I will make you a believer in your own personal power and how to get on track and stay there; how to rid your mind of past toxic thoughts; and how to make your dreams a reality.

“I am truly committed to helping people find their own inner power to affect positive change in their lives.”

I'm available to book for Keynote Speaker, Wellness Workshop or Private Coaching.

Glimpse at some of the organizations I have spoken at:

keynote speaker


Embark on your journey towards a healthier and happier life with a personalized program that emphasizes the importance of exercise, wholesome nutrition, and emotional equilibrium. I've witnessed incredible transformations in my clients and I'm dedicated to helping individuals like you find their path to a clean mind and a balanced lifestyle. Let's work together to unlock the potential within you and unlock the life you've always wanted.


Discover the secret to getting fired up and standing tall as a dynamic leader in your own life. I'll guide you on a journey of empowerment that will spark a newfound passion and purpose within you. With my support, you'll uncover the tools to build confidence and lead with conviction, no matter what challenges come your way. Step up and become the influential force you were meant to be!


“I will show you how to visualize your dream life, map out proper actions and behaviours to get there and how to hang on to your motivation.”

Escape to the majestic Canadian Rockies and find meaning in your weekend at the breathtaking Azuridge Estate Hotel. Allow us to welcome you with open arms, as you check-in at your leisure and settle into the serenity surrounding you. Awaken to meet Sean, the inspirational coach who will guide you towards greater fulfillment in your life. Join us for a soul-enriching adventure at Azuridge.


Also Find Me in Previous Collaborations:


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