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Meet Amy

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a wake-up call occurs. That’s exactly what happened to Amy.

She was on her way to a friend’s wedding in Hawaii when one of the most joyous occasions happened: her boyfriend proposed. She was over the moon, except for the fact that she did not want to be a bride walking down the aisle weighing what she did.

The scale was at the highest point of her life at almost 200 pounds. She felt guilt from not practicing a healthy lifestyle even though, as a school nurse, health was part of her profession.

She began her journey realizing she needed to make major changes in her life in order to see herself as the bride so longed to be. Her fitness level was at the bottom and she was completely out of shape. She had to do push-ups from the wall because push-ups from the knees were too difficult, and she was embarrassed to show her fitness level to her fiancé.

However, all of that changed. From the dedication to her vision, she began to see physical changes and believe that she was able to do it.

Her wedding day came and it was a dream come true for Amy. Soon she embarked on a new role as mother, and after the birth of her baby, her weight is lower then the day she got married. Amy truly took a stand to allow herself to be all she could be. She has created a new legacy for herself and her little baby Alice.

Amy walked with pure beauty that radiates from the inside out.

“One of the things that is as satisfying as learning how many inches I lost, or how much weight I was down, was the feeling of being strong . . . Now my motivation is to see how much stronger I can get. What else can I do that I never thought was possible?” – Amy

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