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Meet Jason & Robin

When their four-year-old son Kellan was diagnosed with leukaemia, Robin and Jason’s world turned upside-down.

Not only did they have to grasp the new circumstances, but trying to understand the doctors explaining the different medicines and procedures were a challenge, as both of them are deaf.

Jason and Robin felt lost, but they decided to be strong for Kellan. They began exercising, using their workouts as a way to fight against his cancer diagnosis. If Kellan was fighting, so were Mom and Dad, making the family stronger and stronger. Nothing in life would prepare them for the change in lifestyle, constant hospital appointments including spinal taps, daily chemo, the effects of steroids on their 4 year old child, and the loss of of their “normal” life. Each of them had their own demons to face – Jason turned to the heavy work outs that Sean would put him through to deal with his constant anger of “why him”. Robin exercised as well but focused on the Mind and Spirit of Sean’s wellness program to keep her soul strong, prepare herself for being a full time nurse to her son, as well as maintaining her successful career.

Kellan even told his mom he knows how to fight his cancer:

  1. Eat his veggies

  2. Take his medicine

  3. Keep his body strong

After the first phase (nine months) of aggressive chemo for Kellan, he was in remission and attended his first year of school – a milestone they never thought was possible as 8 months earlier they were sitting in ICU with Kellan just trying to get through the weekend. The treatment is 3 ½ long years with many ups and down, but both Robin and Jason are proof that when you are strong and have faith, you set the stage for healing light and love to enter.

Kellan still has another year of full treatment to go, but he is also inspiring others around him with his positive attitude, “I’m unstoppable” motivational videos, and being a Little Star ambassador for – Believe in the Gold foundation. Every chance Robin gets she also gives back to the cancer child awareness programs and community to ensure other families know there is someone to lean on. She shares her journey through speeches at Kids Cancer Care events, is the lead rower for the Kids Cancer Dragon Boat team (3rd year), and attends many walks/runs for research and awareness. And all of this is possible because of state of mind she has because of working with Sean. “Never give up” !

“Sean gave us our life back and let us believe it wasn’t the end of the world, just a different world which we would navigate through together. Whether it was through working out, long walks in nature, vent sessions or even just holding us when we fell apart and thought we couldn’t go on… she ensured we did and we came back stronger than ever.” – Robin


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