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Hi! My name is Sean Liv.

I’m a Transformational Coach, Author, and I created  “The Ticket to Change; A Transformational Program for the Body, Mind, and Spirit”.

For years, I struggled with physical abuse, drug abuse and my weight. I was at the bottom of the barrel self-esteem. My weight reached an all time high of just over 200 pounds. So I get what you are going through.

I’m here to help. The Ticket to Change is a 13-week online program that transforms all areas of your life. 

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"No gimmicks, No gym membership, No diet pills"

Get inspired and be our Success Story


Meet Erin

Like many of us, Erin has struggled with her weight, self confidence and taking time for herself.

Being a wife and mother of two little girls is demanding in itself, but add to the profession of being a Grade 3 teacher - you're in trouble. Her days at work were full of planning and staying organized, and bringing all that work with her left little to no time for herself.

After completing the Ticket to Change program, Erin is down from a size 16 down to a 12. Beyond that, she loves herself more than ever.

Erin, you are amazing!

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The Ticket to Change was amazing! I was really pleased with the program. Your messages kept me motivated and even if I was far away, I could always feel you there with me.” - Erin, Calgary AB

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